Prymal: The Arena #2

Created by Eric Nelson

The 36 page epic conclusion! Silvia faces off with Azazel in Guerra's underground fight club! Will she survive?

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Books are in!
6 days ago – Sat, Mar 18, 2023 at 02:21:07 PM

Get ready to check your mailboxes again, kids! Prymal: The Arena #2 issues are in from the printers! Packages are being mailed out this upcoming week! Onwards!

Prymal: The Jungle Warrior #8
25 days ago – Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 07:57:32 PM

First stretch goal for the current campaign has been reached. We'll be announcing a new campaign stretch goal tomorrow. Fo r now, here's a better look at some of the interiors featuring artwork by Christian Zanier with colors by Thiago Ribiero (with Christian's finishes). If you haven't already, pledge and reserve your copy now! Prymal: The Jungle Warrior #8 by Eric Nelson — Kickstarter

Prymal: The Jungle Warrior #8 next Friday!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Feb 16, 2023 at 05:23:54 PM

This is Eric Nelson and I am beyond pleased to announce that CHRISTIAN ZANIER will be handling art duties on the Prymal: The Jungle Warrior series for the conclusion of this story arc and co-writing and illustrating the next story arc! I will be illustrating some new projects, so I will continue to produce artwork. Christian is an amazing artist who for the past decade I have begged and pleaded with him to do some art for me. Persistence pays off. With Maelstrom Comics, I am attempting to build a company with top tier writing and artistic talent! I have Jeff Spokes on "The Vigilant" series and now Christian on "Prymal: The Jungle Warrior". There are more announcements about top tier talent coming soon! Some companies do campaigns with great covers but lackluster interiors. I want great covers and interiors and I am willing to spend the coin to make that happen. Hopefully with everyone's continued support, I can continue to do so. So, For my loyal supporters, here is an early peek at the upcoming issue with Christian doing lines and color clean up with colors by Thiago Ribiero. A lot of NUDITY and ADULT LANGUAGE in the upcoming issue! Go by the pre-launch page and sign up as to not miss the upcoming campaign. Thank you all! Onwards! Sign up here...